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Assist a Dreamer With DACA Renewal Application Fee

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an American immigration policy that allows certain undocumented students who entered the country before their 16th birthday and before June 2007, to receive a renewable, two-year work permit and exemption from deportation during the period of registration. Assist them with payment of the ‘Deferred Action” U.S Department of Homeland Security fee.



Notebooks, Pencils and Art Supplies

Your gift will purchase 25 notebooks, 10 pencils and package of crayons and construction paper for children in a Catholic elementary school.    These simple learning tools enable children to write and draw – essential building blocks to an education.




The New-American Roman Catholic Bible has recently been updated to reflect language being used in the Roman Missal.  Your gift will purchase a new bible that will be used by a seminarian during his discernment for the priesthood. 



Candle Oils for Chapel

Your gift will purchase candle oils to be used for the altar candles in the Chapel for one month.  The retired priests concelebrate Mass every Wednesday morning together and lift up the prayers for parishioners across the Diocese of Bridgeport.



Add 3 New Books to the Room to Grow Preschool Library

Room To Grow Preschool is a State licensed and Nationally Accredited facility that provides high quality care and education for children ages 3 to 5 years old who reside in Norwalk, Connecticut. Our curriculum is based upon the philosophy that young children learn best by doing. Learning requires active thinking and experimenting. During the preschool years, play is one of the most fundamental activities of the developing child, providing the foundation of academic learning. The most important goal of our curriculum is to help children become enthusiastic learners.



Provide a Dinner for Two Families of Four

Your gift will ensure that two families will receive a home-style meal served at one of our meal sites, The Thomas Merton Center in Bridgeport, New Covenant Center in Stamford or The Morning Glory Program in Danbury.



Gas Card

Seminarians travel from St. John Fisher Seminary Residence in Stamford to Sacred Heart University for their academic courses as well as to parishes on weekends to assist with Masses.  Your gift will purchase a tank of gas for necessary travel.  



Wednesday Morning Breakfast

Every Wednesday morning, the retired priests concelebrate Mass in the Chapel and then join together for breakfast.  Your gift will offer a special opportunity to be remembered during Mass and strengthen fellowship among brother priests.



Reading, Math or Science Textbook

Inspire young minds by purchasing a new textbook in reading, math or science.  These books brighten the lives of children – introducing them basic learning tools essential for their grade-level.



Provide 25 Meals for a ‘Meals on Wheels’ Client

Catholic Charities of Fairfield County, Inc. has sponsored the Senior Nutrition Program for more than 37 years serving over 400 elderly individuals on a daily basis. The Meals On Wheels program satisfies the nutritional needs of the homebound elderly and disabled by providing a well balanced meal and a safety check. A variety of therapeutic menu options are offered to help promote and maintain good health



Laundry Services

Provide supplies and staffing for laundry services at the Queen of Clergy Residence for one month.   



Groceries for One Week

Your gift will purchase groceries for St. John Fisher Seminary Residence to be used for the preparation of breakfast and dinner meals.  These items include meats, fruits and vegetables, grains and other essential nutritional items.



Athletic Supplies

Children love sports and an active lifestyle is critical to developing a healthy lifestyle.  Your gift will purchase soccer and basketballs, gymnastic mats and equipment for Catholic schools. 



Breakfast for 300 Guests at Thomas Merton Center

The Thomas Merton Center in Bridgeport provides a daily lunch meal for more than 300 guests.  Your gift will provide for a warm hot meal and fruit for each person. 



Evening Dinner

Every Tuesday evening, all retired priests at Queen of the Clergy gather together for a communal meal. Your gift will cover the cost for salad, entrée and dessert for an evening dinner.  



Supplies for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Program

Purchase necessary supplies to assist Catholic elementary school children in the STEM Program that are used for projects such as building robots and model bridges. 



Liturgy of the Hours Prayer Books

Each seminarian needs a four-volume Liturgy of the Hours Prayer Books for reflection and study.  The prayer book is used throughout the day to include morning, afternoon, and evening private time with our Lord, Jesus Christ.    It is during this period of discernment that a future priest is formed in Christ’s grace. 



Supplies for High School Engineering Program

Provide materials for student projects in the Saturday morning engineering program for high school students. 



Snowplow Parking Lot

Ensure easy access to Queen of the Clergy Residence by covering the cost of snowplowing the parking lot during the cold and icy winter months.  



A Lunch or Dinner for 250 Guests at New Covenant Center

The New Covenant Center in Stamford provides a daily lunch or dinner for more than 250 guests.  Your gift will provide for a warm hot meal, fruit and dessert for each person at either meal. 



A Cassock and Surplice for One Seminarian

A cassock and surplice are used by a seminarian during all Masses and prayer services during his period of discernment. 



Tablet Technology

Our schools are being encouraged purchase iPads or similar tablet technology to integrate into the curriculum.  Your gift will purchase one tablet for a Catholic school. 



Books and Miscellaneous Costs for One Semester

Purchase the books and miscellaneous materials for a seminarian to attend one semester at the Major Seminary.  Most seminarians from the Diocese of Bridgeport study at Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, MD.



Provide Living Assistance for the Working Poor

Many families assisted through Catholic Charities are working two and three jobs, yet continue to have difficulty paying their monthly rent and utilities.  Your gift will enable a family to pay for heating oil, electricity, and rental assistance during the cold winter months. 



New Laptop Computer

Many of our Catholic schools have laptop carts that are shared among different classrooms.  It is essential that we maintain the technology of these laptops and provide new computers.  Your gift will purchase one new laptop computer for a school. 




Vestments are used by seminarians at St. John Fisher Seminary Residence for all Masses with Most Reverend Frank J. Caggiano and assisting clergy with weekend Masses in their parishes.  Your gift will purchase one vestment for a seminarian to use while in residence.




Your generosity will provide housekeeping services at the Queen of the Clergy Residence for one month. These services include daily cleaning and maintenance of the living quarters.  



Counseling Support for Children and Families

Catholic Charities offers counseling for an array of issues ranging from death, family problems, substance abuse, unemployment, homelessness, and family support during crisis.  Your gift will bring hope to those coping with life’s challenges and provide a life-plan to recovery. 



Tuition for One Class in the Major Seminary

The average cost to attend a semester at a Major Seminary is $21,000.  Your gift will cover the tuition for one class for a seminarian.     



Financial Scholarship

The average cost of education in a Catholic elementary school is $7,500 and is challenging for many families, particularly with more than one child.  Your gift will assist a student by filling the gap between the cost of education and amount parents are able to afford. 



Smart Board

The Smart Board encourages interactive learning in a classroom where teachers and students use technology as a tool for enhanced academics.   



Assistance with Utilities

The electricity bill at the Queen of the Clergy Residence reaches as high as $4,000 during the winter months. Your gift assists the utility operations of the Residence.


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