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Dr. Frank DeStefano

Crossing the Jordan River
By Becky Garrison

The Law of Life
By Thomas H. Hicks

The splinter in your brother’s eye
By Joe Pisani

The Hennesseys make Confession
By Matthew Hennessey

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The Intrinsic Value of Fairfield County Catholic and the Catholic Media
: Loyalty - Respect - Perception
Read all about the Good News! Simmons Market Research demonstrates that Catholic consumers are recognized for their awareness, loyalty, and support their Catholic newspapers and magazines. To reach this vast untapped market and benefit from its size and diversity, let Fairfield County Catholic, the most honored Catholic newspaper in the United States and Canada, show you the way to complement your existing ad campaign.

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The Truth is in our papers; the truth is also in our numbers. Simmons reports that Catholics embrace their Catholic newspapers and magazines with unbelievable fidelity, which easily translates into loyalty to our advertisers. So effective is the medium to broadcast their message and reach a vast audience, that almost all of Fairfield County Catholic's advertisers place their ad in every single issue.

Incredible Credibility - Perception Is Reality
Advertisers who want to speak to the American family choose the Catholic media. An ad in the Fairfield County Catholic carries with it the implied endorsement of the Catholic Church to which we turn for guidance. In today's world, "Perception is Reality," and the Fairfield County Catholic contains accurate, true, and important information. An advertiser is perceived in the same light.

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Fairfield County Catholic is open to advertisers, large and small. The keen competition, clutter, and sometimes negative ads you find in other publications does not exist in Fairfield County Catholic, which contains an average 30 percent advertising. This gives local and national advertisers a high level of exclusivity.

The Catholic Market in Fairfield County: A Sleeping Giant
Every advertiser is looking for that niche market that no one has captured. Catholics, with 43 percentage of the population of Fairfield County, are a vast untapped market. Of this Catholic population, 20 percent is Hispanic. With the Fairfield County Catholic, an advertiser captures not only a pre-eminent place in the medium, but also a pre-eminent position in the vast and diverse Catholic market.

Guaranteed Postal Audited Circulation
Direct mail is the way our more than 250,000 readers receive Fairfield County Catholic every month. Fairfield County Catholic is Post-Office Audited. Readers of Catholic publications eagerly await their newspaper, according to Simmons. The average reading time is 45 minutes spent on each issue. As such, our readers feel an ownership of Fairfield County Catholic and treat it with a dedication and loyalty which translates into comparable support of advertisers.

Flexibility & Convenience: One Ad, One Buy, One Bill
Ralph Lazzaro, Advertising Manager of Fairfield County Catholic, is also your key to the national Catholic media. Your ad can be placed by Ralph in one, several, or all 160 local, regional and national publications. The network offers flexibility, convenience, easy billing - and proven results.