Retired Priests

Candle Oils for Chapel

Your gift will purchase candle oils to be used for the altar candles in the Chapel for one month.  The retired priests concelebrate Mass every Wednesday morning together and lift up the prayers for parishioners across the Diocese of Bridgeport.



Wednesday Morning Breakfast

Every Wednesday morning, the retired priests concelebrate Mass in the Chapel and then join together for breakfast.  Your gift will offer a special opportunity to be remembered during Mass and strengthen fellowship among brother priests.



Laundry Services

Provide supplies and staffing for laundry services at the Queen of Clergy Residence for one month.   



Evening Dinner

Every Tuesday evening, all retired priests at Queen of the Clergy gather together for a communal meal. Your gift will cover the cost for salad, entrée and dessert for an evening dinner.  



Snowplow Parking Lot

Ensure easy access to Queen of the Clergy Residence by covering the cost of snowplowing the parking lot during the cold and icy winter months.  




Your generosity will provide housekeeping services at the Queen of the Clergy Residence for one month. These services include daily cleaning and maintenance of the living quarters.  



Assistance with Utilities

The electricity bill at the Queen of the Clergy Residence reaches as high as $4,000 during the winter months. Your gift assists the utility operations of the Residence.


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Retired Priests

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