Catholic Education

Notebooks, Pencils and Art Supplies

Your gift will purchase 25 notebooks, 10 pencils and package of crayons and construction paper for children in a Catholic elementary school.    These simple learning tools enable children to write and draw – essential building blocks to an education.



Reading, Math or Science Textbook

Inspire young minds by purchasing a new textbook in reading, math or science.  These books brighten the lives of children – introducing them basic learning tools essential for their grade-level.



Athletic Supplies

Children love sports and an active lifestyle is critical to developing a healthy lifestyle.  Your gift will purchase soccer and basketballs, gymnastic mats and equipment for Catholic schools. 



Supplies for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Program

Purchase necessary supplies to assist Catholic elementary school children in the STEM Program that are used for projects such as building robots and model bridges. 



Supplies for High School Engineering Program

Provide materials for student projects in the Saturday morning engineering program for high school students. 



Tablet Technology

Our schools are being encouraged purchase iPads or similar tablet technology to integrate into the curriculum.  Your gift will purchase one tablet for a Catholic school. 



New Laptop Computer

Many of our Catholic schools have laptop carts that are shared among different classrooms.  It is essential that we maintain the technology of these laptops and provide new computers.  Your gift will purchase one new laptop computer for a school. 



Financial Scholarship

The average cost of education in a Catholic elementary school is $7,500 and is challenging for many families, particularly with more than one child.  Your gift will assist a student by filling the gap between the cost of education and amount parents are able to afford. 



Smart Board

The Smart Board encourages interactive learning in a classroom where teachers and students use technology as a tool for enhanced academics.   


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