• Catholic Schools of Fairfield County

    Our 38 Catholic Schools educate 11,000 children from birth and pre-K through grade 12. 98% of our graduates pursue higher education. 40% of our schools have received the National Blue Ribbon of Excellence. Standardized test results show our elementary students consistently exceeding national reading averages in math and reading. Our Catholic schools offer parents the greatest return on their investment in education – exceptional academics and a solid moral foundation in values and respect. Come see us for yourself!

  • Catholic Academies of Bridgeport

    There are 4 Catholic elementary schools in Bridgeport, open to all faiths. These schools are committed to educational excellence, offering: Safe learning environments that emphasize respect and caring for others, small teacher-student ratios that provide more personal attention to each student, state-of-the-art technology, financial assistance and scholarships, exposure to religious values and development of each child's faith life, clubs, activities and after-school programs. If you are concerned about your child's school and want the best education for your children, consider a Catholic school in Bridgeport. All are welcome!

  • Catholic High Schools



    Our schools are welcoming and prayerful learning communities in which we share God's life and love with each other and the world.” - Most Rev. Frank J. Caggiano, Bishop of Bridgeport

    The spiritual development of our students in the Catholic tradition, and the reinforcement of family values A college prep academic program that prepares our students for college and for the world beyond high school; An exceptional athletic program and programs of extracurricular activities; A community of students, faculty and parents built on the core values of respect, responsibility and reverence.”

    Please visit our High Schools online:

    “The Diocese of Bridgeport - Catholic High Schools”

    Immaculate High School - Danbury
    Kolbe Cathedral High School - Bridgeport
    Notre Dame High School - Fairfield
    St. Joseph High School – Trumbull
    Trinity Catholic High School - Stamford
    "Private Area High Schools”

    Covenant of the Sacred Heart - Greenwich
    Fairfield Prep - Fairfield
    Lauralton Hall - Milford
    Notre Dame High School – West Haven
    Sacred Heart Academy - Hamden


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