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A Mother’s Faith
| January 14, 2013
Posted in Local News


Read this beautiful open letter by Jenny Hubbard, mother of six-year old Catherine Hubbard who lost her life at Sandy Hook School in December. It is a testimony of great love and faith.

Fairfield County Catholic is honored to print this extraordinary letter from Jenny Hubbard, mother of six-year old Catherine Hubbard, who lost her life at Sandy Hook School in Newtown. The depth of her faith and strength of her love are an act of grace and a gift to all those struggling with the tragedy.

When I close my eyes I see Catherine cradled in the palm of His hand. I see her softly giggling. She is opening her arms to all the animals. She is sending us comfort in ways that only God’s angels could know how. She is with God, she is at peace.

When I could not find her, I felt a calm fill my heart and I knew in that moment she was with God. I knew that she was safe, safer than I could ever make her. I miss her. There will be a hole in my heart that widens each time I remember something so simple that was so Catherine. Each time I feel that my tears will not stop, I am pulled back to a place of peace and find comfort that Catherine was called to a job much bigger than I can even fathom. I know that God has a specific purpose for us and while I may not understand right now how I will muster the strength to fulfill His purpose, I must remain centered on His face. He will provide what I need to move forward. He will provide the soft nudges to help me feel confident that I am doing what He intended.

We are all put where we are for a very specific reason. My daughter, along with the victims of Sandy Hook School, brought a world to their knees in prayer. Twenty babies and six adults were able to do what some thought never possible. They have set the stage for us and we have a responsibility to continue what they started. We have a responsibility to continue to serve our children and help them be rooted in their faith. We are bound to this place and must bring our children’s understanding of faith to a new level.

So many people are talking about getting back to normal. I am not sure that that is really what we want. Are we willing to accept that normal includes allowing our children to not feel safe in their schools? Are we willing to say that normal is a place where 1st graders, teachers and administrators being brutally killed is acceptable? I pray that we do not go back to normal. I pray that we find a new normal that is restored in faith. I pray that we continue to draw on God’s love and peace. I pray that the world is comforted knowing that they are wrapped in God’s cloak.

This week our son asked how God would do this? We told him, God didn’t do this. We are human, we have free will, there are people that do not listen to God’s voice and decide to take their own path. When we stop listening to our hearts, we stop listening to God’s voice. We stop acknowledging that we are in this place for a very specific reason. As you celebrate the New Year and settle back into the lives you led prior to December 14th, I pray that you know that you are exactly where you need to be and that you hear God’s gentle voice helping you find the words that you need to say. I pray that we find comfort and solace
knowing that God loves each one of us and will wrap each one of us in his arms when the days become too much. I pray that the world returns to their faith.