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Bombing Islamic State
is fueling the violence

September 26, 2014

Making a Difference
By Tony Magliano

We need to do something!
With the barbaric Islamic State now controlling large portions of Iraq and Syria, and inflicting rape, torture and even beheading on those who do not conform to their fundamentalist interpretation of Islam, it is imperative that they must be stopped.

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Currabawn: Sound thinking and Spirituality
A blog by Fr. Colin McKenna

Bishop Caggiano’s Coat of Arms

| September 23, 2014

When I attended the September 19, 2014, Vespers service to mark the opening of the synod, I was struck by the beauty of the bishop’s coat of arms, which comprised the entire cover of the program on a white background with a red border. The coat of arms in brilliant green, gold, red and blue spoke boldly, but I am not well-versed in the art of heraldry (coat of arms symbolism and artwork), so I could not decipher much of what was being symbolically proclaimed. Thankfully, the bishop’s motto was in the vernacular, so I clearly understood “Jesus Christ is Lord.” Yes, if his motto was in Latin, I may not have been able to immediately comprehend it.

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Red Mass Breakfast takes closer look at contraception mandate | September 28, 2014

FAIRFIELD—“The challenge is not only to practice law with integrity and resolutely, but I ask you to consider the gift of humility as a cornerstone of your ministry and your vocation in administering the law,” Bishop Frank CaggIiano said to more than 200 legal professionals who attended the Read Mass this morning in the Egan Chapel of Fairfield University.

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Pope: Greed, throwaway culture fuel 'hidden euthanasia' of elderly | September 29, 2014

VATICAN CITY—Pope Francis warned against the abandonment and neglect of the elderly, calling it a "hidden euthanasia" rooted in today's "poisonous" culture of disposal and an economic system of greed.

In the presence of his predecessor, Pope Francis also thanked retired Pope Benedict XVI for staying to live at the Vatican and being like "a wise grandfather at home."

Weather or not | September 26, 2014

SHELTON—News Channel 8 meteorologist Sam Kantrow visited St. Joseph School in Shelton, along with WTNH executive producer of weather Kevin Arnone. Kantrow explained what some of the instruments on top of the Mobile Weather Lab were for as well as their names, and asked questions of the students about what some of the other instruments might do and why they were important.

Focus is on New Covenant House of Hospitality | September 26, 2014

STAMFORD—New Covenant House of Hospitality, the Stamford soup kitchen and support center sponsored by Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Bridgeport, was featured at the Social Justice Committee’s Dinner with a Cause held in Stamford on Thursday, September 18.

Sisters of Life Volunteer Day | September 24, 2014

STAMFORD—St. John's Flock (Catholic Young Adult Group at the Basilica of St. John the Evangelist) spent an energetic day at the Villa Maria Guadalupe in north Stamford.

Synod First General Session: A time for asking tough questions | September 20, 2014

TRUMBULL—The first General Session of Synod 2014 came to a close this afternoon after seven hours of tightly formatted presentations and discussions about the challenges and opportunities facing the Catholic church in Fairfield County.

350 Synod delegates commissioned at prayer service | September 19, 2014

BRIDGEPORT—Bishop Frank J. Caggiano officially commissioned more than 350 delegates to Synod 2014 at a Vespers Service on Friday night at St. Augustine Cathedral in Bridgeport.

Bishop Caggiano meets with his priests | September 18, 2014

NORWALK—Bishop Frank Caggiano believes that the best way to facilitate communication is to meet face-to-face.

Preschool opened in Norwalk | September 18, 2014

NORWALK—Room to Grow Preschool of Catholic Charities has announced the opening of its second location in Norwalk at 139 West Rocks Road, behind All Saints School.

Father Hribsek, former pastor of Holy Cross Parish | September 16, 2014

FAIRFIELD—Father Aloysius Hribsek, former pastor of Holy Cross Parish in Fairfield, died on the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross, September 14, in Stamford Hospital. He was 92 years old.